From what we know so far, Dracthyr will only be able to wear shoulders, belts and tabards in their draconic form (and all armor in their visage/humanoid form), but elderu gave us a peek at what it would look like if they could wear it all! Taking the Evoker tier set, elderu applied it to the existing Dracthyr proportions and it’s looking pretty great! This is especially relevant for the Evoker set, as it will somewhat go to waste – only being seen in full in visage form, as Dracthyr are in their draconic form whenever they use skills and abilities.


And here’s some discussion of the subject, as elderu goes into detail over on the MMO Champion forums.

So Dracthyr, I think they’ll also be able to wear shoulders, tabards, belts across their visage and Dracthyr form. While the visage form is able to wear all-armor.
– Tina Wang via BlizzPlanet

I couldn’t help but notice that when we saw the Tier Set lineup, the Tier gear for Evokers was designed for a Humanoid, but if you look at that helm, it’s rather open-faced.
Almost as if it’s meant for a big ol dragon face to slot in there? I wondered if they’re designing this set with the Dracthyr-form in mind, and sure enough as I brought over the ‘3D’ elements to the Dragon form it seemed in could indeed be.
Now to reference the quote I put beneath this image, I think it’s really important Blizz clarifies how they mean “be able to wear shoulders”/etc/etc.
We’ve seen in the little bit of Dracthyr dragon-form footage, that there seem to be Armor Barbershop/Character Creation options for: Crowns, Shoulders, Tabards/Belts This leads me to question whether those are in fact the armors referenced in that quote, or what we would call “typical armor” after all.
I say this because though they do say “across their visage and Dracthyr form.” I don’t entirely doubt at the moment that this is referencing these golden/silver Dragon-y Barbershop Decoration Armors that will be/have been interpreted for their visage form.

New Dracthyr Race & EVOKER CLASS Coming In WoW Dragonflight

When you think of a Worgen, do you feel you’re playing a Human first and a Werewolf second? (sorry RPers I know you do, but that’s not what I mean right now.) Or is it Wolf-woman/man first and Human as a fun racial option? Imagine how silly it would be if you couldn’t fight your foes in your transmogs.
Your primary, combat-forced form for the Worgen is fully armored in Tier/any gear you’ve earned, and of course additionally your Human form racial can wear it too.
^^^ This is a precedent that Dracthyr should be following, but as of this moment we haven’t been assured of it’s eventually or reality. ^^^
Hopefully they do mean the real deal ‘typical armor’, which would involve Tier Sets. Though why hasn’t it been shown yet as a feature yet if so?
Where at least is the concept art an armored Dracthyr?
Many will say pre-Alpha, and quite possibly so- I hope so too. As it stands we should get a clarification here on what Armor for Dracthyr means. Especially if Raiding and Tier is such the gameplay pillar, we want to see our hard-earned armor in combat.
Is the Evoker Armor on the Tier Lineup simply in Visage form for artist’s convenience/showcase? Very likely and that’s fine- as it will be used in that form, but that’s not providing evidence towards Dracthyr ‘dragon-forms’ (aka the core part of the race, supposedly) being able to wear Tier/armor.
It’s only to Blizzard’s credit when I say, the Tier looks quacking rad on the Dracthyr, and probably solves many issues folks have with the lean figure.

So I ask again, is the new race Dracthyr, the long-awaited dragonkin playable that could soar to greater heights? or is it Visage form, the hypercustomized Elf/Human?

– elderu