Joey City (Representative Cooperative Won) updated New Character’s AYLA on the 23rd console, Basketball game for PC, 3on3 freestyle.

The position of the Ill is characterized by changing the effect of the skill when conversion of the air to the point guard.

Two new skills have been added to the character personality with the Will Update.

The first skill ‘speech fragmentary crossover’ is changed to a shame of the general breakthrough motion, and the defender of the crossover time is a stop state, the coronary brake may be generated to cause the defender backward to step backward.

The second skill ‘A-Pass’ is a skill that quickly passes the pass to the solaced friend. You can convey the ball through a path that is impossible to the arm that is impossible too distant to use the out flower of exceeded, to file a defense, and pass the defendant to the assistant.

With this update, a large skill balance patch has been in progress.

New Character Update Full Trailer; Ayla | 3on3 FreeStyle

First, in the case of freestyle, I changed the activation condition so that a colorful play method can be born.

Diving catch and sliding catch, the success rate of the partake skill and the scope of the skill is upward, and the screens are more easily used, and the screen will reduce the penalties that are within the scope of the permeability. It was adjusted.